Vantage Point Counseling’s Sexual Addiction Therapy in Portland, OR

Martha Darkins - Sexual Addiction Therapist in Portland OR

Martha Darkins, RN, LPC, CSAT

Is there something standing in the way of you getting the most out of life?

Anger? Depression? Traumatic Memories? Sexually Compulsive Behavior?

Have you experienced repeated, futile efforts to control your sexual behavior or the behavior of your partner / spouse?

Do you lead a secret life surrounded by a web of lies and dishonesty?

Do you have a partner or spouse whom you do not trust?

I can help! As a therapist I work with individuals and couples going through tough emotional challenges, transitions, and crisis.  Collaboratively we examine your past as it relates to your current issues, working to establish balance, clarity, and a life worth living. Starting to acknowledge the existence of a problem is significant progress. If you have reached the moment where you know your sexual behavior or sexual addiction is out of control, you are ripe for change. I specialize in sexual addiction therapy and counseling in Portland, OR.