Quality, Privacy and Choice

I offer safe, confidential, respectful counseling and evidence-based treatment for:

  • Trauma and Abuse History. Heal the pain and gain freedom from destructive memories.

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  • Depression and Anxiety: Gain relief from sadness, loss, grief and obsessive thinking. Work through betrayal and other old wounds.
  • Sexually Compulsive or Addictive Behaviors: Gain freedom from your secret life. Relax into a life of truthful living free from sexual addiction.
  • Love and Romance Addiction: End the cycle of one-night stands, hook-ups and unfulfilling relationships.
  • Partners of Sex Addicts and Alcoholics: Stop trying to control or cure someone else.
  • Spiritual Development: Reduce stress, practice relaxation, and reconnect with or find your higher power.
  • Health Issues: Heal disordered eating patterns and alcohol abuse. Stop smoking and reduce chronic pain.
  • Finding Healthy Sexuality: Redefine your own goals for healthy sexual behavior.

I respect sexual and gender diversity.